Author: Suzanne Wirth
Date: 2015-02-19

Maresa was in fourth grade and it was a really tough time on her. It was picture day and I had taken her on a special trip to JC Penny’s to get the perfect outfit. After hours of debating what was just right, she had selected a pretty pink and black outfit with stripes. The morning of picture day our entire house was a buzz. I don’t know if anyone has ever had to get four wonderful children ready for picture day but it wasn’t an easy task. Maresa was thrilled when she walked to the bus stop. She had even tossed me one last wave as she got on the bus. Upon arriving to school Maresa went to class and a classmate of hers (alphabetically before her) was wearing the exact same outfit. The classmate thought it was so funny and told everyone it must have come from goodwill because her mom and Maresa’s mom couldn’t possibly have shopped at the same place. It killed my little girl and she never wanted to be in the lime light again especially at school.

This first incident shaped Maresa’s entire school career. She almost never spoke up when a teacher was asking questions to the entire class. Maresa had a rough go of it until she started high school. In high school everything started to change for her she had two wonderful friends Megan and Ryan and she really started to bloom again. I almost forgot what she looked like without such a huge burden on her shoulders.

The moral of the story is… Your biggest enemy is yourself so learn to be your best friend. Only you can hold yourself back do not let it happen, just keep swimming you’ve got this!!!!