Author: Suzanne Wirth
Date: 2014-12-22

Do you know that it is possible to feel lonely even surrounded by people? Loneliness is a feeling that comes from within and is based on the thought that you are totally alone and no one cares about you. People often associate this with being solitary but that is often not the case. You can feel lonely even when people are in your life. It is a form of social disconnection. Without truly connecting to others relationship loneliness often occurs.

It is very important to be open and honest when you feel lonely. You do not have to have a live in family to have someone to talk to about your feelings. It could be your Doctor, your Minister or even a friend. When you honestly talk to someone about your feelings it can release your emotions because you are connecting to someone. Sometimes in relationships it is easier to have someone else there (a third party) to help you talk to each other. Loneliness can lead to depression if not dealt with and brought to the surface. People can feel lonely every day of their life and feel ashamed to admit that to the people they love. If you or your loved ones feel this way remember that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by releasing the secret.

In life our emotions sometimes get the best of us. It is crucial to get out of one’s own mind once in awhile. Feed your inner child. Do something fun that you love to do. Dance as if no one is watching or sing as loud as you can, let it out! Another option would be to go people watch sit on a bench and take it all in. Even if you are not interacting with the people it feels good to just be around others. This small step of walking out of your house and going wherever people are will lessen your burden and before you know it you will feel just a bit better. Follow this up with some behavioral changes like attending church or going to Bingo. Soon you will find other people who perhaps were lonely too until they met you. If you need my help all you have to do is call.

If your blood work gets done and there is nothing wrong with it then, take a deep look at what you are doing each day, and what you are eating.

With a little patience fatigue can be managed it just take a little time to find out what is truly going on. Don’t give up.